What Happened to Winter?

It seems like winter flew by and we are now into spring!  Actually winter was so mild this year that we kept working on projects.  The first thing we got completed was the Gazebo.  It now has a good shake shingle roof on it and is ready for summer parties!


We did just a little pruning in the vineyard ourselves this year on the youngest 1/2 acre of Pinot Noir.  This is the section that we just planted last year and it has done great!  The plants came from Broadacres Nursery and were started in 12 inch (deep) pots which gave them a great start.  We are expecting to get a small harvest from this section this year.  The rest of the vineyard was pruned by the “crew” which we have used for many years now.

We also got the trellising set up for this young section so we are all ready for them to grow this spring!


The Dairy building got a little sprucing up this winter as well.  Some decorative shutters add color to the front of the white building and some barn doors over the metal roll up door add an insulating layer as well as being more attractive.  We can really feel the difference in the temperature of that room with the insulated doors on there.  Inside the dairy we (really Greg) added some cabinet space under a small counter top that will serve as a lab space.  That helped finish out the room with the walk-in cooler in it.


A not so little project that no one will even see once it is all finished is running power from the generator and communication lines down to the dairy.  The generator power is just in case we have a lengthy power outage so that we can keep the cooler and freezers running.  The communication lines will give us a phone/intercom system down there as well as surveillance cameras.  We have a temporary line run to the barn right now so that we can watch the kidding pen- really cool!


The last thing we are working on is another pasture fence.  It is really a separation from the pasture that they have had access to full time.  We can make two rotational pastures out of that space once the fence is up and it will be more healthy for the goats as well as a better use of the resources.

Greg has also moved a lot of dirt of the cement and we hope to get it moved out of the paddock some time soon.



There are many things other things that happened over the winter.  The holidays which are always fun were filled with family and good times.  Greg did a lot of organizing and cleaning of the shop as we have been stuffing things in there for the last 10 years and it was getting a bit crowded.  Tyler has been attending school at Gaston Elementary as a 1st grader and learning a lot of the foundation math and reading skills.  Most recently he has discovered the computer and internet!  Oh my!

Hope you all had a productive winter as well, there is no time to be bored around here!


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