A Tribute to SGCH +*B Dubl-Squeez Glib Talker



Our dearly loved senior buck Talker died yesterday, Aug. 27, at 9 1/2 years of age.  We are very grateful that he was collected last year so that his genetics may live on well into the future but we will miss him.  Talker was always the gentleman, always a pleasure to work with and he did everything we ever asked of him.  At three years of age he finished out his permanent championship.  At 5 years he was awarded his Superior Genetics title.  I’m not sure exactly when he earned his + designation but I have no doubt that one day he will get another + added to his pedigree.  Talker had such a huge influence on our herd he will live on in his daughters, granddaughters and in our memory.







Talker in 2012 hard at work (the work he loves)!


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