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What’s Happening in the Vineyard- Spring 2013

May 18, 2013

The warm early spring got the vineyard at Harlow Hills Farm off to a great start and we are looking forward to a productive year.  So far we have (or the crew has) gone through the 7 acres of established plants and selected the best shoots.  Each bud has the potential of producing 3 shoots, the first shoot or primary is usually the most fruitful.  The clusters are biggest and often there are 3 clusters on the shoot.  So it is the primary shoot that we want selected because of productivity.  The other shoots come into play if the primary shoot is damaged perhaps by frost or pest, at least the plant will survive even if it doesn’t produce much fruit that year.

We are working now to get wires raised to help support those growing shoots!


This picture was taken 4/7/13 and shows one of the most advanced buds opening.


This picture was taken 4/24/13, most of the plants are leafing out now.


Picture taken 5/17/13.  You can see that the plants are well along now, it has been about 24 days since bud break.


In this picture you can see what looks like little clusters of grapes but they are actually flowers that have not opened yet.  Grape flowers could never be called “showy” but they are perfect- grapes do not need a pollinator.  The flower can pollinate itself.  So these will turn into grapes not too long from now!