Once in a Lifetime Experience

Just before Christmas on December 20th Harlow Hills Farm hosted Don and Teresa Wade of Bio-Genics here for a “buck collection.” There were 6 bucks that participated in this exciting (for them) event. The goal was to collect semen from each of the boy and process it so that it could be stored in liquid nitrogen- essentially forever. These straws of semen can then be thawed and used to artificially insemenate (AI) a doe.
The whole process went amazingly smooth. We had two does in heat for the bucks to mount and they were super patient and cooperative. The bucks were also super willing considering we asked them to repeat the process 4-5 times each! One of the bucks was 10 years old, our boy “Talker” is 8 years old and there was another that was 5 years old. Teresa said they like to collect bucks between 2-4 years of age after that getting enough quality semen that will withstand freezing and thawing is much harder or impossible.

Optimized-Talker1 Optimized-Talker2 145_4548



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