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New at the Farm!

November 8, 2009

Welcome to Harlow Hills Farm!

Our goal for Harlow Hills Farm is to create a profitable small farm that utilizes sustainable farming practices. We plan to use value added services such as the goat milk cheese, agro tourism and event hosting as well as selling grapes for wine production and fine Toggenburg goats for show and milk.

We have planted 6 acres of wine grapes over the last few years and will add one more this year to get us to a total of 7 acres. Once all the grapes are in and the trellising is up we will work on the gardens and patios so that we can host events on our beautiful property. We are also in the process of LIVE and Salmon Safe certification for our property.

Getting the creamery set up and licensed is taking most of our time these days. We have found that remodeling a 1950’s vintage dairy building into a modern day dairy and process building takes time, money, and a bit of patience.

We are getting close to our Grade A certification and plan to be selling cheese by Summer 2010!

With the goats, we take a holistic approach to care and try to prevent disease with proper feeding and housing. We do use antibiotics and dewormers if needed and follow the recommended milk withdrawal times. We are currently pursuing Humane Certification for the dairy operation.

Our goal for the goat herd is to have a herd of 30 milking does that have superior conformation and milk production. We participate yearly in the American Dairy Goat Association’s Linear Appraisal program and are breeding toward a final score of 90 or above out of 100 for the does at maturity. We also have milk production tested each month and are working toward a goal of 3000 lbs of milk per doe in a 305 day lactation, at maturity. Once we get to our production goal we will select and breed for increased protein production. Protein is an important component for the cheese making.

Agro tourism and Event Hosting are features that we will implement when the site is ready. We need to get our gardens planted and structures in place for the events. Once the Creamery is certified Grade A and production is under way we will welcome tours and host classes as time allows.


Toggenburg Dairy goat kids for Sale:

Our Spring kidding is well under way now and we are seeing the results of our new buck Rembrandt.  He is increasing the kids dairy character and body capacity, wide rear ends,  giving them high wide escutcheons and of course we hope increasing their milk production.

This is Rita she was born February 2nd along with her sister Ruby who we have decide to retain.  She will be a light brown at maturity and has no wattles she is for sale at $150.

This is Jazmine and was born February 12th along with a brother.  She will be a medium brown at maturity and has no wattles.   She is available for $150.

This is Jasper and he was born on February 12th, he will be a medium brown and has wattles.  He is sold.

This is Nap who was born on March 15th along with a sister Sophia who has been sold.  Nap is sold.

Cullen was born on March 16th along with a sister Chantelle who is being retained.  These two are from an AI Breeding to Sunshine Judyl Justice out of Harlow Hills Camella’s Carman.  He will be a nice chocolate brown with no wattles and is available for $200.  This boy has very good conformation, his sire is well proven to have excellent udder conformation and above average milk production.

Becca is a beautiful doe kid who was born on March 22nd along with two sisters who are being retained.  She will be a dark chocolate color with wattles.  She is currently available for $200.

Axeman (named by our three year old) and his two sisters were born on April 6th.  He is sold.

June will be a medium brown and have wattles she is being retained.  She and her siblings are very dairy and I expect will milk very well.

Jane will be a light brown and has wattles, she will be offered without papers to a pet home for $60.  She has one front knee that is not strait but gets around just fine.  She is sold.

Braiden and Bracken are twins that were born on April 15th.  They both have wattles and will be a medium to dark brown at maturity.  These are fast growing boys that will get big!  They are sold.

Emily and her sister Elanore were born on May 14th.  Emily will be a medium to dark brown and has wattles.  Elanore will be a very dark brown and has wattles.  Both girls are sold.

This doe kid is cute as a button!  Her sire is the well known Sunshine Judyl Justice and her dam comes from lines that milk well and have excellent udder conformation.  Her name is Ivory and she is being retained.

For more information on any of the kids please send an e-mail to  All the spring kids have been born!  The next does are due in October.